StrikeSapphire Casino Review

StrikeStrikeSapphire is a unique online casino that features ordinary casino games, then goes a step further with different and original card and table games. Traditionalists will find everything they might expect with slots, blackjack and poker. Those tired of the usual on a gambling site will find intelligent new games to play and enjoy. You can play without downloading anything so you can use a windows or mac computer. Players don’t need to play with real money if you just want to get the feel of it and try the games out. They offer play money at first so you can decide which games you really like before spending any money. Right now, the only deposits that can be made are through bitcoin, which is a digital money exchange site that operates world wide on the internet. is a site that reviews casino websites. It gives you rundowns on each of a sites games and how many varieties you will find of each game. For example, the site noted that the “ball2win” website has 8 different varieties of roulette available. That same site has experienced an increase in gaming due to bitcoin usage. The reviews also let you know how to set up an account on each site and what payment methods are accepted. Security features are reviewed as well. Comments are welcomed and encouraged on this review site and readers are asked to include their experiences on the sites reviewed. This is especially encouraged if a player has had a different experience that the one described by the reviewer. There are several online casinos out there in cyberspace, with more appearing every day it seems. It is helpful to have a site that reviews gambling online to let you know what to expect. It is also helpful to a beginner who has yet to venture into on line gambling. Tips, such as reminding players to find and use the translation feature when playing with people from other countries, will come in handy for the newbie or the inexperienced. Other review sites exist as well, so you may want to research them also to get a well rounded view of the games and gaming sites available to you.