Learn More About Betting Bitcoins on Satoshicircle

images01Whether you have just begun betting with bitcoins or you are an advanced player, you have certainly found many sites to choose from. Unfortunately, many of these can be complex and difficult to maneuver. Fortunately, there are simpler sites that allow for fun game play without the cumbersome difficulties. You will find this type of fun through playing Satoshi circle. This site only features one game, but many people are finding it provides lasting entertainment. This bitcoin game features one spinning wheel that allows you to win on different levels. There is no game to download and no registration. You simply acquire a pass code for your game. Once you have deposited bitcoins in your account, you are ready to begin betting.

As you play this game, you will quickly see it is not boring. The longer you play, the more spinning wheels you unlock. Each wheel offers a different design and different rewards. Unlike some bitcoin games, there are no long loading times. You can play this game on any browser and not experience delays. There is even a mobile version so you can experience even more fun while you are on the go.

As you progress through the game, your rewards increase as follows:

You will get an alias award for spinning the wheel your first ten times.

Earning the 100 spins award requires you spin the wheel 100 times.

1 BTC wagered awards are given once you have wagered one time.

A seven spin win award occurs when you have won seven spins in a row.

You will be awarded a five spin loss award of you lose five times in a row.

10x circle awards are given when you successfully unlock the 10x circle.

15x circle awards are awarded when you unlock a 15x circle.

When you first begin playing, you will only be awarded with 3x circles. As you continue to progress, you can earn up to 15x circles, which can dramatically increase your payout rewards. If you are interested in a simple, yet fun bitcoin game, check out the site and start playing. You will quickly find it becomes one of your favorite bitcoin gambling games.