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Gambling has been a pastime for a long time. Many people find the chance of winning big exhilarating. Others find games of chance to be fun and relaxing. Although gambling is not legal in all its forms or in every country or state, there is a way for anyone to gamble if they desire. Online gambling has become very popular over the years. Unfortunately, many online casinos have shown users that not everyone can be trusted. Some online casinos are not as fair as they should be, and don’t offer users the chance to win big the way they claim to. Perhaps the biggest draw of online casinos is that users have the chance to win real money and actually make money off their favorite games of chance.

In order to play casino games online a user needs to find a reputable site to visit. A reputable site offers more than just fair payouts for games. Some casino sites charge money for a membership. or put limits on how many games a free user can play. Paying to join or play an online casino is like paying the house twice for lost games. There are also some sites that don’t offer secure transactions. With Bitcoin and Litecoin users can make transaction anonymously. Digital currency is an important of playing anonymously, but the site also needs to offer privacy for logging. Anonymous log ins and secure sign in forms make it easy for users to maintain their privacy.

Online casinos such as Playtin offer users the chance to enjoy their favorite games of chance, and offer legitimate payouts for games. Many online casinos offer a variety of games such as Bitter Lemon, Jacks or Better, Red Dog, Crazy Dice, Easy Hold’Em, Keno, Let It Ride, and Roulette. Games can be played anonymously and securely. There are multiple log-in options such as one-click log in, or logging in through google or FaceBook accounts. Users can make their choice of games and enjoy them with any browser without the need to download or install any additional software or use a special internet browser. Casino Review

Have you ever tried playing an online casino or lottery game? If you have, you probably thought that they were difficult to understand, or you did not really trust the site to safeguard your personal information. You want to be able to enjoy your gaming experience and believe that you have a legitimate chance of winning when gaming online. There are some fun and simple casino games to play online. Satoshi36 is an easy to use betting site allows participants to place bets on one or multiple numbers on a roulette wheel.

The site allows you the ability to remain anonymous and gives you the opportunity to place your bets with bitcoin. The advantage of using bitcoin is your bet cannot be canceled. In addition, transaction details are maintained in the log. The gaming history is recorded and shown on the site to all players, which gives you the ability to go back and review your historical gaming statistics. All dealings are transparent and observable on the blockchain. Players are not required to create an account or download any software. The player selects the numbers that they want to bet on, clicks play, and sends the amount they would like to bet to the desired bet address that is given. You only send what you want to bet to the bet address. Winners are awarded their bet times the multiplier. Your digital wallet will be credited the amount you win. If you lose, you will have to place another bet to continue to play the game.

Players are allowed to pick number ranging from 1 to 36 on the roulette wheel. The house has a 2 percent edge on all bets. This means that if you bet on all 36 numbers, you will win, but you will lose 2 percent of your bet. A house edge is calculated in every casino game. This is how the casino makes a profit. The site has a good reputation for being fair and has no scam reports. If you have any issues during the gaming process, the customer support team can be reached through the bitcointalk forum thread or by twitter.

Bitcoin Video Casino Review

Bitcoin online casinos are one of the most popular choices for online gamers. Through these websites individuals are able to play a large array of games while having a sense of security knowing their information is kept safe. With many bitcoin websites available to choose from, individuals are encouraged to find one that fits their unique style. All of the websites provide a secure way to play all of their favorite casino games and easy money deposit and withdrawal methods.

In order to ensure customers will have a good experience, it is recommended that they look into the various website reviews. The Benefits of a Bitcoin Online CasinoOne of the most popular choices is the Bitcoin Video Casino website. There are several positive factors about this website that makes it an attractive option for both new and advanced players. When visiting this online casino individuals have access to many benefits, some of which include: Retro-styled format that makes players feel like they are in an actual casinoAccess to many games including Video poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots and Dice, and KenoThe website has a SSL certificate, which provides customers with a higher level of securityIf a player needs assistance, they are able to speak with the friendly and helpful customer service support teamReturn percentage on games are high, at 99.5 percentBitcoin websites use a provably fair system, which allows higher chances of winning to playersIn addition to earning cash through the casino games, there are other programs in place that provide opportunities to earn money, such as the referral programSafe and simple deposit methodWithdrawal times are fast, making the money available to a person within a few short days
Through all of these special features players will find that their experience with the online casino is just as much fun as if they were in a live casino.

With many games available for both beginners and advanced players, everyone is able to enjoy their time. The security of customers are a number one priority, which makes the players feel confident knowing they are not at risk for having any of their information stolen.

StrikeSapphire Casino Review

StrikeStrikeSapphire is a unique online casino that features ordinary casino games, then goes a step further with different and original card and table games. Traditionalists will find everything they might expect with slots, blackjack and poker. Those tired of the usual on a gambling site will find intelligent new games to play and enjoy. You can play without downloading anything so you can use a windows or mac computer. Players don’t need to play with real money if you just want to get the feel of it and try the games out. They offer play money at first so you can decide which games you really like before spending any money. Right now, the only deposits that can be made are through bitcoin, which is a digital money exchange site that operates world wide on the internet. is a site that reviews casino websites. It gives you rundowns on each of a sites games and how many varieties you will find of each game. For example, the site noted that the “ball2win” website has 8 different varieties of roulette available. That same site has experienced an increase in gaming due to bitcoin usage. The reviews also let you know how to set up an account on each site and what payment methods are accepted. Security features are reviewed as well. Comments are welcomed and encouraged on this review site and readers are asked to include their experiences on the sites reviewed. This is especially encouraged if a player has had a different experience that the one described by the reviewer. There are several online casinos out there in cyberspace, with more appearing every day it seems. It is helpful to have a site that reviews gambling online to let you know what to expect. It is also helpful to a beginner who has yet to venture into on line gambling. Tips, such as reminding players to find and use the translation feature when playing with people from other countries, will come in handy for the newbie or the inexperienced. Other review sites exist as well, so you may want to research them also to get a well rounded view of the games and gaming sites available to you.

Bitoomba Casino Review

images (1)If you enjoy casino games, you can have a lot of fun playing all of your favorite games at an online casino. Bitoomba is a casino that offers games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, lottery, and bingo. It also offers some signature games that cannot be found at any other casino. It is very easy to get started playing the games that interest you. You do not need to download any programs and can begin playing instantly, after you complete a quick sign up process. As long as you have a valid email address, you will be able to enjoy yourself within minutes.

You don’t have much to lose when you sign up as a new player. Bitoomba offers all new players a 100% welcome bonus. As soon as you deposit money into your account, you will receive your bonus. If you win any games, you can instantly cash out. This is a great feature that allows you to enjoy your winnings immediately, just like you would be able to at a real casino. The best thing about using an online casino is that you never have to leave the comfort of your home. You can, however, play games during times that you are away from home. The online casino works on any device that is connected to the internet. You can even play games directly from your phone.

When you go to Bitoomba’s website, you will see that it is very easy to navigate. You will have the option of creating a unique user name. This will allow you to play anonymously without your true identity being revealed. Fairness verification information is available for you to view at any time. By seeing this information, you will realize that none of the games are rigged and that you have a very fair chance of winning. If you have tried playing games at other online casinos, but weren’t happy with the selection that was offered, give Bitoomba a try. There have been many satisfied players in the past who have won. You can be one of the next satisfied players by trying a game today.